Asheville Two-Way Radio Rental

Asheville Communications Radio Rental Asheville Communications, Inc. has provided two-way radio rental services to Western North Carolina for almost 25 years.

ACI offers two-way radio rentals for site to site usage as well as extensive repeater coverage over most of Buncombe County, NC. We provide most two-way radios and accessories you would need for an event, including portable radios, base stations, portable repeaters, speaker-mics, extra batteries, and extra chargers to keep enough batteries charged for the most demanding events. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly two-way radio rental rates are available. Both VHF and UHF two-way radio rentals available.

ACI has all of the accessories you may need for an event, including extra batteries, chargers, speakermics, and headsets.
Speaker Mic Headset
Two-Way radio rental is the ideal communications solution for a variety of event types:
ACI's two-way radio rental pool is entirely Motorola, so you can expect the same rugged reliability public safety personnel nationwide depend on.

Contact Asheville Communications for more information on radio rental in Western North Carolina and the surrounding area.
34 Orchard St. Asheville, NC 28801